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Posted by Bary Adam on Friday, March 21, 2014
Windows 8 Controller v2.2
App • Windows 8 Controller v2.2 : 2.2+
App Releases • Windows 8 Controller v2.2: !! Please install the Free Android Market App first before buying the paid version and check if it works for your phone because some phones might have problems with the app !!
Windows 8 Controller lets you control your Windows 8 PC as if it is a tablet. Just using your Android phone, you can experience the Windows 8 gestures like pinch, stretch, rotate, swipe, side gestures etc.

Windows 8 Controller v2.2

Easily scroll through web pages, pinch to zoom in your photos, cycle through open apps...
It's fast and fluid! Give it a try, you'll love it!

Some FEATURES : App Releases • Windows 8 Controller v2.2 on the applications of Windows 8 Controller includes:
- Multitouch gestures (pinch, stretch, swipe, rotate)
- Natural Scrolling Experience (Scroll horizontally and vertically as you scroll on a tablet)
- Use as a mouse (move, left/right/middle/double click, drag)
- Side gestures (Swipe from left/right/bottom/top to switch to next open app, show charms, show app options, close app respectively)
- Tiles Screen (A tiles screen including most needed shortcuts like show start, show desktop, open computer and much more)
- Custom Tiles
- Panic Button
- App Commands (Remote controls for General use, Windows Media Player, VLC Player, IE, Firefox, Chrome, YouTube and Netflix player. More to come very soon)
- Power Options (Don't you think it's not so easy to shut down the Windows 8? Not anymore. Windows 8 Controller includes power shortcuts. Shut down, restart, hibernate, sleep, lock, log off your computer with one tap)
- Volume Control (Do you need an easy way to adjust the volume of your Windows 8 PC? You've got it! Windows 8 Controller has a volume controller by which you can adjust/mute/unmute your computer's volume from your phone. Also you can use the hardware volume buttons of your phone)
- Virtual Keyboard (Type text by using your Android's keyboard. Take advantage of auto-complete feature of your keyboard or use swype keyboard. You can even type text to your computer by using voice-to-text feature of your Android phone's keyboard)
- Easily go back/forward (Tilt your phone left/right to go back/forward in your favourite web browser or file explorer)
- Four (or five) fingers pinch (to reveal start screen easily)
- With auto-connect and quick-connect FEATURES : App Releases • Windows 8 Controller v2.2 on the applications , it is very easy to connect your phone to your computer and start using Windows 8 Controller.

* Some FEATURES : App Releases • Windows 8 Controller v2.2 on the applications are only available in Pro version!

** You need to download and install Windows 8 Controller Server app (it is totally FREE) to your Windows 8 PC because your phone communicates with your computer through this application.
To download the server app, please visit http://www.windows8controller.com

What's New:
- Now users can set custom actions for basic gestures (1 finger long press, 2 fingers press, 2 fingers long press, 3 fingers press, 3 fingers long press)
- Scroll with 3 fingers on desktop (non-metro) apps
- Extra keys (like ctrl, alt, shift, arrow keys etc.) for keyboard
- Custom actions for tilt left and tilt right
- Custom actions for edge gestures
- Now edge gestures support two fingers swipes too
- Ability to select icon from gallery for custom tiles
- Some bug fixes

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Details Info : App Releases • Windows 8 Controller v2.2 With Data

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