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Posted by Bary Adam on Tuesday, January 28, 2014
Anywhere Software Basic4Android v3.20 Full
App • Anywhere Software Basic4Android v3.20 : Desktop PC Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
App Releases • Anywhere Software Basic4Android v3.20: Basic4android is the simplest and most powerful Rapid Application Development (RAD) tool available for the Android platform

Anywhere Software Basic4Android v3.20

This Android Market App includes many important improvements:

Visual designer:

Anchors feature - makes it easier to target multiple screen sizes.
Copy & paste - work both inside the layout or between different layouts.
Undo / redo feature.
The views are organized in a tree for easier navigation.
AutoScaleAll keyword now works with all variants, not just the "standard" variant.
Colors fields can be copied and the colors values can be pasted or directly typed.
Designer script find / replace dialog.
The grid is saved in the layout file.
Landscape / Portrait designer keywords to test the current orientation.
UI Cloud threshold reduced to 10 seconds.

#AdditionalRes attribute - Makes it possible to wrap Android library projects (projects with resources).
Sync button in the Files tab - Syncs the project files with the Files folder.
Modules added to the Find Sub / Module tool (Ctrl + E).
Tabs order in the IDE is preserved.
Modules files that were not modified will not be saved thus preserving the correct time stamp.
DateTime.SetTimeZone now accepts a Double instead of Int.
Shortcuts: F11 - Restart (rapid debugger), F2 in the designer connects to the device.
JavaObject v1.00 - new RunMethodJO / GetFieldJO methods.
Bug fixes and other minor improvements.

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