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Posted by Bary Adam on Wednesday, January 29, 2014
10 (1.0 Alpha6)
App • Call and GPS Location Recorder : Android 4+
App Releases • Call and GPS Location Recorder: + Recording call’s.
+ Recording call’s geolocation, using the available sources of identification of the location: GPS/GSM/WiFi.
+ Displaying the geolocation of all calls on Google Maps.


+ Choice of audio recording sources:
* Recording location only own devices, it is sufficient to resolve the "Access to my location" and activate the "Use wireless networks" in the Android.

+ speed dials / right swipe
+ speed SMS / left swipe

+ Password-protected access to the application
+ auto saving in Dropbox and Evernote
+ auto saving on SD/ExtSD
+ embedded sorting filter based on time of calling
+ Voice recorder
+ Shortcuts:
  Call log
  Dial Caller
+ recorded calls are played using embedded player
+ Call history is automatically deleted / 1 month. Number of calls is limited only by available memory space on your device.

Special FEATURES : App Releases • Call and GPS Location Recorder on the applications :
+ Does not occupy much memory space, because it is operating only during active calls
+ Does not demand extra battery charge
+ Does not prevent device from going into sleep mode
+ During operation does not occupy much operating memory
+ Stable release for HTC Sense and MIUI shells

If you having problems while running this application – we much appreciate you sending us an e-mail to xsumma@gmail.com

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Details Info : App Releases • Call and GPS Location Recorder With Data

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